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Apply and Restore Layer States
Tip# 3410 By Isak Mishaeli On 26-Apr-2010
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Categories : Layer States
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : Layer Display Manager/Install-LayDispMan.fas,Layer Display Manager/LayDispManEn.fas,Layer Display Manager/LayDispmanEn.MNS,Layer Display Manager/layerDisplayManagerEn.txt,Layer Display Manager/ldmfrz.BMP,Layer Display Manager/ldmlck.BMP,Layer Display Manager/ldmof.BMP,Layer Display Manager/ldmrfrz.BMP,Layer Display Manager/ldmrfrz2.BMP,Layer Display Manager/ldmrlck.BMP,Layer Display Manager/ldmrof.BMP
Manage the visual diaplay of layers without the Layer command or Layer Manager.

Isak Mishaeli has written a series of routines that help to manage layer states in an AutoCAD drawing. He calls it Layer Display Manager.

"Layer Display Manager is a tool to apply and restore three layer states: Freeze, Off, and Lock. Each time one of the Layer Display Manager commands is applied to freeze, turn off, or lock layers, the layer names are stored as a group, to enable restoring their old state later. If a command applies these settings several times without restoring the layer state, Layer Display Manager stores these groups of layers, making them ready to be restored one at a time. Layer groups are valid until they are restored completely, or until the drawing is closed. I hope you will find this application useful.


Layer Display Manager comes with a toolbar to simplify its use.
The new Command-line commands are:

FL — Freeze layers.
RFL — Restore a group of frozen layers.
OFL — Turn layers off.
ROFL — Restore a group of turned-off layers.
LL — Lock layers.
RLL — Restore a group of locked layers.


  1. Place layer display manager folder in your AutoCAD root directory.
  2. Drag and drop Install-LayDispMan.fas into an open drawing screen.
  3. Layer Display Manager toolbar is placed automatically near the upper-left corner of the screen, ready to use."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Managing the visual display of your drawing's layers is very important. This routine does not use the typical Isolate Layer command, nor does it use Layer Manager. It uses its own system of knowing what layer states are. It seems that freezing layers with Layer Display Manager works differently than the standard AutoCAD commands. If you freeze layers with the Layer Display Manager, the Unisolate Layers command will not turn them back on. You must unfreeze your lines with the Layer Display Manager routine. That's fine — use the toolbar that comes with it, or use the Command line to start the commands. Either way, it works just as promised. It is a good tool to use on the fly.


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