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Improved Layer Freeze
Tip# 3755 By Matt Sibum On 17-Oct-2011
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 495
Categories : Layer States, Layer Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
Rename File To : layfrzcontrol.lsp
This routine will proceed even if you choose an object on the current layer.

Have you ever used the Layer Freeze AutoCAD command, but then picked an object on the current layer? Of course you can't freeze the current layer, so you have to stop, switch to another layer, then try again. But with Matt Sibum's routine, if you pick an object on the current layer, the current layer is changed to layer 0, and the layer freeze proceeds. Load the LISP routine, then use the command LF to freeze the layer selected (block-level selection) or the command LN (entity-level selection). This is a nice time-saver.


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Comment by Cooper,Kent
Posted on 2012-02-20 14:23:27
See Tip #3814 "Quickly Freeze And Turn Off Layers" for another file that also contains commands to turn Layers of selected objects Off rather than Freeze them, that repeat automatically for multiple selections in one invocation, and that allow you to select something on Layer 0 (if you really want to) and also recognize that things on Layer 0 should be considered differently when they're nested in Blocks/Xrefs.