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Tool Tips in the Sheet Set Manager
Tip# 3065 By Paul Munford On 04-Jan-2009
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Paul Munford was frustrated with the new advanced tool tips feature in AutoCAD 2009, especially when using sheet sets.

PAUL MUNFORD was frustrated with the new advanced tool tips feature in AutoCAD 2009, especially when using sheet sets.  He sent us this tip.

I found the massive new rollover tool tip for the sheet set manager in 2009 to be really annoying and unhelpful.

I couldn't find any information in the help files, other than how to turn rollover tool tips off globally, and resigned myself to this annoyance. Quite by accident I found that if you right-click over the preview area of the sheet set manager, there are a number of options offered which set the size and content of the sheet set manager rollover tool tip.

The results can be seen below.

My experience of using the sheet set manager in 2009 is now vastly improved! I hope that you find this tip useful and that, by broadcasting it to a wider audience, you can improve the user experience for all my AutoCAD colleagues.

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL:  There are a few options when dealing with tool tips. This is AutoCAD, where everything can be customized (mostly anything). If you open your configuration dialog (type in OP at the command line) and go to the DISPLAY tab, there is a button you can push to turn tooltips off. That's great, no more interference. However, there are no more tooltips either.  If you want the tooltips, but not the Advanced, or Extended, tooltips, there is a button to turn only those off. This may be the compromise you want. You get the tooltips, but not the giant window of tooltips covering your work area.

A third option is to set the time AutoCAD 2009 waits to show the extended tooltips to a high number. Its default setting is 20 seconds. Set it 45 or 60. Try it out until you find a number you can live with. Tweaking this setting will allow you more time to keep your mouse stationary but still call up the extra data if you want it. You might find that this will allow you to get that extra little help you need every once in a while, but yet keep your screen open and friendly.


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User comments
Comment by Jung,Mark
Posted on 2009-01-06 16:45:47
Thanks for the tip. Note: The Options setting for the tooltips has no effect on the preview rollover in sheet set manager.
Comment by McSwain,R.K.
Posted on 2010-07-09 10:26:52
Thanks Paul! I found this tip and put it to use. Those huge popups are very annoying.