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Sheet Metal From-To Option
Tip# 4384 By Charles Parnell On 27-Oct-2014
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Categories : 3D Editing
Software type : Inventor
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Inventor’s Sheet Metal environment Contour Flange does not offer a from-to option, but you can use the 3D Model tools on the ribbon for that purpose.

You may have noticed that in Autodesk Inventor’s Sheet Metal environment, the Contour Flange tool does not offer a From–To option. You may not know that you can use the 3D Model tools on the ribbon to help with that.

As shown in the figures below, from the top view there are two work planes that sit 90° to each other. From the front view, the sketch (the projected line) is on a 10° angle from vertical (not shown).


If you use Extrude from the 3D Model tools on the ribbon, you can use the Surface option, use Extents > Between, then choose your two work planes.

See plan view below.

Once you have your surface, start a sketch on the surface and project the surface boundaries. Use the Face tool from the Sheet Metal ribbon and you will have a piece of sheet metal that has a trapezoid shape. You can then use the Flange tool to create the needed flanges.

Here you will be using using work planes, and if the work planes move or change angle, then your sheet metal part will change.

I use the Derive tool and derive from my Frame Generator–created IAM file. So if the Skeletal IPT file changes size, this drives my Frame Generator IAM and my sheet metal part changes.

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