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Reorder Sheet Set Custom Properties
Tip# 4097 By Tawfik Shehata On 01-Apr-2013
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Categories : Sheet Sets
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Here is a way to get AutoCAD sheet set custom properties to be listed in the order you want them in.

Tipster Tawfik Shehata shares a trick to get AutoCAD sheet set custom properties to be listed in the order you want them in.

“Using custom properties to fill in the title blocks in a sheet set can save a lot of time, but unfortunately you can't fill them in according to their logical order in the title block because custom properties lists can’t be arranged out of alphabetical order. This can become inconvenient if you are dealing with a long list of sheet custom properties, because every time you need to fill in or edit a few of them, you may struggle to locate them within this long, illogically sorted list.

“It might help to categorize these custom properties and prefix each one with its category name, but this may result in longer custom properties names and you still won’t achieve full order control like Battman provides for attributes. That’s why I use numbers in the start of the custom property name, followed by a few spaces to separate it visually from the actual name to make it easier to read. I would suggest starting with 100 with 10 increments to allow you to squeeze in additional properties if needed in the future. For documentation purposes, you can also include letters to differentiate between the sheet and the sheet set custom properties (like S and SS).

“For example, logically, the sheet custom property ‘design’ should come before ‘approved by’, but when listed as sheet custom properties, ‘approved by’ will be listed first. To overcome this, name them ‘s130.......Design’ and ‘s140.......Approved by.’

“If you need to add another custom property later — say, ‘verified’ between ‘design’ and ‘approved by’ — you will list it as ‘s135.......Verified.’”

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: This will do the trick! It can be frustrating to keep scrolling up and down until you find the property you really want. I’ve seen users perform this trick with layer names, but I’ve never seen it with sheet set properties before.



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