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Automate Matchline Numbering for Drawings
Tip# 4039 By Rion L'Ecluse On 17-Dec-2012
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Categories : Sheet Sets
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Using Sheet Set Manager, you can avoid changing reference numbers manually.

Drafter Rion L'Ecluse sent a tip for automating your "See Sheet X" notes in AutoCAD.

"I use this tip for all AutoCAD versions that contain Sheet Set Manager. This is a method for setting up automatic matchline numbering for a civil engineering PS&E (plans, specifications, and estimates) plan set.

"Since I first started using Sheet Set Manager, there was one thing that always bothered me. With all of the automated goodness, why can’t I renumber sheet matchline numbers without having to make a direct link to the preceeding and following sheets? One night I had to reference more than one hundred sheets as part of a civil design package submittal and create references for each one. I decided I wasn’t going to go through that exercise ever again, so I started looking for ways around this dilemma, and here is what I found.

"If you have a matchline at STA xx+xxx, 'See Sheet X,' you would usually have to go into each sheet and change the reference number manually in a sheet that is added or subtracted. By using Sheet Set Manager, however, you can use the sheet number already assigned to the sheet and just add a little formula goodness.

"Replace the X in 'See Sheet X' with a field (Ctrl+F) and select Formula from the field names list. In the formula window (the one that shows 1+1), paste the following field expression for CurrentSheetNumber:

%</AcSm Sheet.Number>%

"When you paste the expression into the window, it automatically changes it to the current sheet number. Then just type +1 or –1 into the formula, depending on whether you want to go to the next sheet or the previous sheet.

"Now when you add or delete a sheet, you don’t have to modify each sheet."  

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: One of the reasons I love being the Cadalyst Tip Reviewer is that I get to learn new techniques all the time. This is a really cool trick! It is limited, though, in that your "See Sheets" notes have to be for the next or previous sheet in the set. In most situations, however, that should be the case. What a huge time-saver this is! The best part about it is that you can copy or paste the text object into each file, and that’s all you will have to do. Once you have pasted, save the file, then refresh the screen, and the text will update. Or permanently place the text in your template file or your matchline block, text, etc.



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Comment by Hill,Clinton
Posted on 2012-12-17 14:35:01
This tip is very timely as I am just setting up new AutoCAD's FIELDs to automatically refresh data in all new, CAD files including section/view callouts and title blocks as well. Thanks for sharing with your fellow users, Rion!
Comment by Quinto,Wendell
Posted on 2013-01-07 22:43:26
Hi! I find this tip very useful but i'm having trouble following it. Can you provide a step by step procedure? thanks!