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Edit Dimensions as You Add Them
Tip# 4268 By David Gaskill On 10-Mar-2014
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Software type : Inventor
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This tip illustrates how to configure Inventor to allow you to edit dimensions as you create them, in one step.

David Edward Gaskill submitted this tip that illustrates how to configure Autodesk Inventor to allow you to edit dimensions as you create them, in one step:

In Inventor, you can add a dimension and edit it with one command. When sketching in Inventor, have you ever wanted to add dimensions and change them as you are adding to dimension, instead of placing to dimension and going back and editing the dimension? Here’s how to add a dimension, then change it before placing it on your sketch or drawing.

Go to the Tools/Application Options ribbon and select the Sketch tab.

Select "Edit dimension when created."

With this setting, when you place a dimension, the edit dimension dialog box comes up. You can then add and edit a dimension with one command — a great time saver. Be sure to turn this off if you don’t need it in the future.

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Comment by Suradkar,Tushar
Posted on 2014-03-11 12:24:25
Great Tip David! I always had this behavior by default but never knew it was due to this option turned ON under the Sketch tab. Thanks.