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Dimensions Don't Frighten Me
Tip# 4194 By Danny Korem On 23-Sep-2013
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Categories : Create Dimension
Software type : AutoCAD 2014
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You can add dimensions to a tool palette.

Frequent tipster Danny Korem is not worried about getting AutoCAD dimensions correct, and here he explains why.

"I have used tens of thousands of dimension styles in the last few weeks alone. After finding the right configuration of a dimension style, I'll never touch that dimension style again. I also prefer annotative dimension styles.

"Once I have the first dimension, I put it at the proper layer and drag it into my palette within the tool palettes. Next time I need to use it, it will create a dimension on the specified layer no matter which layer is current. Then, while selecting from within the palette, I'll opt for QDIM (Quick Dimensions that are Automatic), then help select the direction for the new dimensions (either vertical or horizontal) by delicately moving the mouse, and voila!

"Note: If I use more than one dimension string, I can take advantage of the DimSpace command, which lets me select a bunch of dimensions and specify the distance between the dimension strings."

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: Tool palettes are often left for blocks and hatch patterns. Users often overlook, or are not aware of, the fact that you can also add dimensions to a tool palette. Just do as the tipster says above: Drag a dimension to your tool palette and drop it in. The style, layer, etc., will or can be set in the palette. Now that the dimension is in the palette, you have easy access to it and its settings to use in any drawing from this point out. It’s an easy way to set up custom or special dimstyles in order to have quick and easy access to them.


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User comments
Comment by Shehata,Tawfik
Posted on 2013-09-24 21:49:14
I much prefer annotative dimension styles too, the problem is - unlike multileaders - annotative dimension styles lose the annotative property once dragged into a tool palette, the only workaround I do is to pre-define them in the drawing templates as annotative which then doesn't leave much for the tool palette to define other than the layer and some overrides.
Comment by Weichel,Steve
Posted on 2013-09-27 13:26:05
I never ever have a dimension in the wrong layer. I have my toolbar button macro customized to look like this. Actually I have multiple buttons, actually multiple toolbars now that I think about it, one for each scale. ^C^C_osmode;531;-layer;m;dmns;;-dimstyle;;dfimodel; You'll note that it is set to make a layer rather than "set" a layer, this way if there is no layer named dmns it makes one and if there is an existing layer the program basically says nope it already exists and it changes it to the current layer. You'll also see I set Osnaps up as well using OSMODE. And lastly I have multiple dimension buttons for various scales as I made this long before annotative was available. So the dimension style is set also. So with each dimension button I click all of these settings are changed. All of the dimstyles are preset in my template so I never have a problem using one and everything is perfect, everytime I draw a dimension.