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November 2012 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 4020 By R.K. McSwain On 18-Nov-2012
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Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Attention Harry fans: Please note that the next batch of useful LISP tips will come in January. Even Hot Tip Harry needs a holiday!

Automatically Convert Text or Mtext to Attributes — Ricky Medley — This AutoCAD routine from Ricky Medley is certainly one of the largest and most complex routines that Hot Tip Harry has received in recent years. Essentially, the routine removes text values from within the vicinity of a given block's attributes into the attribute value, and deletes the text in the process.

Close Arcs and Segments
— Kent Cooper — This is a nice routine to close circular objects in AutoCAD. This routine will allow you to close an arc, an arc segment of a polyline, or elliptical arcs, whether they are constructed that way or created by breaking an ellipse.

Launch Reference Manager — Mat Kirkland — An easy way to launch the Autodesk Reference Manager directly from AutoCAD. Use of the proper version of Reference Manager is important to Mat, since his company works with multiple versions of AutoCAD — a situation that may apply to you as well.

Resize Multileader Arrowhead — Alan Thompson — This routine demonstrates the power available in AutoLISP, using minimal code. It allows you to graphically and dynamically change the arrowhead size on a multileader in AutoCAD.

Load Menu and Create Profile — Leonid Nemirovsky — The tip author designed this routine to automatically create an AutoCAD profile based on a menu file.
Incremental Bubble Labeling — Alan Thompson — BubbleInc automates the process of placing incremental bubble leaders in AutoCAD. It uses a predefined multileader style (included in a separate DWG file).


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