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September 2015 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 4543 By R.K. McSwain On 21-Sep-2015
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Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2016
Rename File To : 0915Harry-ReadMe.txt,ABSOLUTE-CopyPaste.LSP,DATED-CLOUDS.lsp,FlexSpline.lsp,FlexSpline.png,MultilineCloseOpen.lsp
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Batch Open or Close MLine Objects — Kent Cooper — This AutoLISP routine MultiLineCloseOpen.lsp includes two commands, MLC and MLO.  MLC stands for MultiLine Close (to close open-ended MLINEs as if they had been drawn using the Close option at the end), and MLO stands for MultiLine Open (to open closed ones -- the converse of MLC).  These two commands allow you to open or close any number of Mlines in a selection set.

Revision Clouds on Dated Layers — Raymond Rizkallah — This routine will allow you to create various shaped revision clouds that are automatically placed on a unique layer whose name is composed of the text “A-Revcloud_” + the current date.

Draw Flexible Splines — Kent Cooper — This routine is for drawing flexible conduit or ducting with various object types. If you use an existing object for the path, you can choose to delete or retain the original object. The LISP routine also has the ability to repeat the command on the previous path with different options.

Absolute Copy & Paste — Raymond Rizkallah — If you work with multiple drawings at the same time and they are in various UCSs, this is the routine for you. This allows you to copy and paste objects between drawings without having to worry about the UCS setting (or Object Snap setting) in either drawing.


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