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Embed Excel Files in Drawings
Tip# 3870 By Lyle Hardin On 23-Apr-2012
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Categories : OLE Files
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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If your spreadsheet is linked to an AutoCAD file, but not embedded in it, you may have issues sending your files.

Tipster Lyle Hardin addresses ways to embed spreadsheet data into an AutoCAD file.

"This tip explains how to embed a linked Excel spreadsheet into a drawing permanently. We had a client who could not open our drawings that had linked Excel spreadsheets in them, even though we supplied the spreadsheets. The drawings would crash AutoCAD when the client tried to open them. We had linked these Excel files by pasting them in, rather than using the Datalink feature.

"My solution is to open the drawings, pick on the Linked Spreadsheet OLE in the drawing, then choose Edit > Copy (or Ctrl+C), then Edit > Paste Special > Picture (Enhanced Metafile).

"Paste it in at the lower-left corner of the existing spreadsheet. Set the properties of the new OLE so Lock Aspect is No, and grip-edit the upper-right corner of the newly inserted image to the upper-right corner of the existing linked spreadsheet to make it a perfect match. Now erase the existing linked spreadsheet.

"Note that you can issue the Erase command, cross through both OLEs, and type R, Enter, L, Enter (for Remove Last), or use 2012's Selection Cycling feature to select the proper one. Now the drawings can be sent to clients without having to send the spreadsheets. Naturally, the link is broken, which is a good thing if you don't want someone else to change the data in your file."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton:
Spreadsheet data is often used in conjunction with AutoCAD files, and we often have to display data from one on the other. If your spreadsheet is linked to an AutoCAD file, but not embedded in it, you may have issues sending your files with all of the information needed. You can try using eTransmit, or you can embed the data as described in this tip. You can link the data and embed it at the same time. You can also link the spreadsheet into an AutoCAD table.


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Comment by Thomson,Hugh
Posted on 2012-04-28 18:35:37
Another option is to cut the data from the spreadsheet in excel and paste into Autocad: Paste Special>Autocad Entities....which will create a fully editable Autocad table of the pasted data. Remember to format the Table style before inserting.