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Copy and Paste Images
Tip# 3134 By Leonid Nemirovsky On 25-Jan-2009
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Categories : OLE Files, Image
Software type : AutoCAD
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If you have raster images attached to your drawings, you cannot bind them; instead, use this trick.

Frequent tip contributor Leonid Nemirovsky sent us this tip. If you have raster images (TIF, JPG etc) attached to your drawings, you cannot BIND them as you can XREF drawings.  In these cases when you need to bind them, use this trick.  Open the image in Photoshop (or similar photo editing software like Windows Paint), resize it so it approximately fits into your drawing,  Put it on clipboard, and then  Ctrl + V into your AutoCAD drawing and adjust the scale. You are done.  You can also save the image as a BMP file and insert into AutoCAD as an OLE object (Created from a file option.)  Either way, it works the same. This tip works in AutoCAD 2007-2009 (and probably earlier versions) and MicroStation.

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:  This tip works with both AutoCAD and MicroStation because it is a  Windows-based keystroke shortcut, and since MicroStation and AutoCAD run on top of windows, it will work.  Control (CTRL) plus the C key will copy the selected object(s).  Control plus the V key will paste the copied objects.  Copying an image file and pasting it into AutoCAD places an OLE (Object Linking & Embedding)-based object.  It creates an object in AutoCAD (or MicroStation) that is based on another object and creates a link, if set up that way.  The tip places, or embeds, the image into AutoCAD so that it can be transferred with the CAD file. Tested in AutoCAD 2009 and Windows XP.


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Comment by Denegre,Joe
Posted on 2012-10-17 17:48:47
Didn't work for me, either way. So I resorted to my old standby, MS Word; inserted the image (bmp format) in a new document, right-clicked and copied it, and then inserted it in my drawing using edit/paste from the menu. The image was easily resized with its grips.