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Tip 2256: Convert LISP to FAS
Tip# 2256 By Jim Dee On 01-Nov-2007
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 1494
Categories : Misc. User Tools, LISP Code Modules
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip 2256: complisp.lsp
COMPLISP.LSP converts a folder full of LSP files into faster-loading FAS files.

Tip 2256: Convert LISP to FAS
The utility named Convert LISP to FAS, by Jim Dee, is a tool for CAD managers and programmers. This utility will convert a folder full of LSP files into faster-loading FAS files. FAS files are a type of LISP file in which all comments and extra white spaces have been removed along with other changes intended to make the file load and evaluate more quickly. In addition to the faster load times, FAS files are more difficult for others to read, which is a way to protect your programming work from prying eyes. Consultants and CAD managers will find this tool useful after it has been modified to match specific computer folder names. The folder names can be adjusted using a text editor; I recommend using AutoCAD's VLIDE command. Once prepared, load the LSP file and type CompLISP to activate. The program will ask if you want to compile the folder entire contents or just those files that have been changed. Changes are detected by comparing the date/time stamp of the LSP source and FAS target files. If the LSP is newer, then it has changed since the last compilation. This utility isn't for everyone, but it is quite handy for advanced CAD managers and programmers. Thanks, Jim!



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