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Viewport Twist and Shout
Tip# 3168 By Tim Dougherty On 22-Mar-2009
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Categories : Viewports
Software type : AutoCAD 2009
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Rotate the view in a viewport with ease.

Tim Dougherty sent us a tip that he uses in AutoCAD 2007 to easily rotate the view in a viewport.

This is an easy LISP-free method for setting a viewport twist (by selecting two points) when you do not know the correct Dview angle.

Under the Layout tab click into an unlocked viewport that you want to twist. On the Command line, type UCS, then Z.

Then select two points, thus creating a line that you want to be parallel to the paper space x-axis. You can see that your UCS icon has changed to reflect the new UCS; now you need to twist the view. On the Command line, type Plan.

Zoom to the area you want in your viewport, then set the scale and lock the viewport in paper space. If you want to reset the viewport, type UCS on the Command line, then World. After that type Plan, then World. This will reset to the world coordinate system.

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: This is a good way to set your view. Name your views once you have created them so you have them for future use. Once saved, views can be applied later, very quickly. This method is simple enough to apply and practical because you set the view in your viewport. It makes the process more straight forward.


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User comments
Comment by Hoogenberg,Ingeborg
Posted on 2009-03-24 03:53:26
Good tip, I use it all the time. If you set 'Ucsfollow' at 1, you don't have to type 'Plan' because your view will automatically follow your new UCS.
Comment by Anderson,Jim
Posted on 2009-03-24 08:46:45
The only problem with UCSfollow is when you come to work with viewports - I find they always zoom to extents
Comment by Anonymous
Posted on 2009-11-03 04:35:46
If you reset UCSfollow to 0, it will not zoom to extents.