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Turn Off Parts in Views without Using View Representations
Tip# 3693 By David Gaskill On 25-Jul-2011
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Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Turn off the display of parts in a view.

CAD designer David Gaskill shared an Autodesk Inventor tip that can be used with all versions of the software. Thanks to Jeffrey Rowe, principal consultant of Cairowest Group, for reviewing this tip for Cadalyst readers.
"Have you ever wanted to turn off the display of parts in a view without having to set up a new level of detail or view representation, only to find out that the parts' visibility is grayed out, as shown below? To turn off parts, right-click the view and choose Edit View.

If you cannot turn off the visibility of a part in a view, you can uncheck the Associative link in the Drawing View dialog box to override the view and turn off individual parts.

Click OK and return to the view. Select the part to that you want to turn off and observe the change in the dialog box: You now have the option of turning off the part's visibility. If you want the part to come be visible again, either reverse the process just described or click the Associative link checkbox to turn it back on.



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Comment by Erdman,David
Posted on 2011-07-26 05:37:07
This is a great tip! a lot of people will select individual lines in a view and essentually erase them, but anything behind the part or lines stays hidden. This method allows the parts or details behind whatever you are turning off to become visible!