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Read DWFx Files Without a Viewer
Tip# 3052 By Brent Daley On 08-Dec-2008
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Here is a link to download software that enables Windows users to open and read DWFx files without a viewer.

Brent Daley sent us a tip to a link where users can download the software package needed for Windows Users to be able to open and read DWFx files without a viewer:

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL:  This is a good piece of information to know and to have when the need arises to send out files to clients, vendors, and competing firms.  Saving files in the DWFx format (standard setting in 2009) is easy enough to.  When publishing or plotting to DWF, make sure the output setting is set to DWFx.  It’s that easy.  Design Review 2009 can read DWF and DWFx files.  Windows Vista can read a DWFx file because it is an XPS format and Vista comes with an XPS viewer.  Brent has provided us a link to non Vista users so that they too can read XPS files.  If your client doesn’t have Design Review but has Windows Vista, they can read your DWFx files.  All they have to do is browse to the file in Windows Explorer and double click the file.  Windows Vista will be able to handle it.  Good tip.


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