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Text Alignment Macros
Tip# 4076 By Kent Elrod On 25-Feb-2013
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Categories : Toolbars
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : TextAlignment/,TextAlignment/TEXT centering in rec or circle r07-Model.pdf,TextAlignment/TEXT centering in rec or circle r07.dwg
Center text in a rectangle, a circle, between two parallel lines, a break in a line, etc.

Kent Elrod shares several macros he has made to align AutoCAD text objects in a variety of ways.

"I found a macro for placing mtext with an MC justification. My tip is in expanding the macro to place text in a number of different scenarios, making it fairly automatic. It can be used to easily center text in a rectangle, a circle, between two parallel lines, a break in a line, etc. By adding to the macro based on the need, and adding buttons to the CUI or a toolbar, one can quickly place text, have it centered, and even have the text aligned with a line at any angle.

"I included a drawing explaining how this can be used, and I also included the text for LISP routines and macros (also in the drawing) if someone prefers to load one or more of those and type the command out."

Notes from Brian Benton, Cadalyst tip reviewer: There are several macros here. If you need to create text that is aligned in a special way, you can probably find the answer with one of these macros. To use them, open the CUI and go to Create Command. Once created, you can assign the button to any menu, tool palette, toolbar, ribbon panel, or even the Quick Access Toolbar. These can be a real time-saver, combining several commands into one.


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