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Create New Toolbars
Tip# 4110 By Maria Tzanetakou On 06-May-2013
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Categories : Toolbars
Software type : AutoCAD 2014
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Making your own custom toolbars is easy.

Maria Tzanetakou offers this tip, which demonstrates how to create new toolbars in AutoCAD.

“You know AutoCAD gives us various ways to work with it. I must admit that, although I'm using the ribbon, I prefer using toolbars — I think it’s easier for me. You can easily customize the toolbars, or better yet, make a new toolbar.

“I decided to make a new toolbar for script files. I assigned to this toolbar the buttons that run all the necessary script files. Here is how to do it:

“Click on the CUI command. At the top left of the menu, select the toolbars by double-clicking the pull-down toolbars menu. The names of the toolbars appear. Right-click to select New Toolbar. Rename the toolbar to Script (or your preferred name). At the bottom left of the CUI menu, under Command, right-click and select New Command. At the right of the command you can fill in:

  • name: type the name of the command
  • description: the description for the command
  • macro: ^C^CSCRIPT;"path in the server/path1/name-of-script.scr";
  • image: insert the image which specifies the command you use

“Finally, drag the new commands into the script toolbar, and the script toolbar is ready to use.”


Click image for larger view.

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: The best part of AutoCAD is that you can set it up to interface with you in many different ways. Toolbars are a great way to get the commands you use right in front of you. It’s better to make new toolbars than to change existing ones. That way, if you make a mistake, you will always have the default settings ready to go. Making new toolbars is very easy; just follow the instructions provided in this tip.


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User comments
Comment by Amacher,Brian
Posted on 2013-05-06 13:53:57
I like the fact you can stay with what your used too but for myself I am moving all my custom commands to the Ribbon rather than holding back. Since we use Revit a lot too it provides a more seamless interchange of doing what we do. I find the change easier than when we moved from the old tablets to the toolbars. But for those who are not ready for change, toolbars do work well. Thats why I like AutoCAD so well, it lets me be in charge of how I use it!
Comment by Hartwell,Doug
Posted on 2013-05-06 17:41:59
I also prefer Toolbars. But I was also very fond of the Screen Menu on the side. When that was eliminated, I was left hanging. So, I created a Toolbar with the commands that my old Screen Menu used to contain and located it on the right where the Screen Menu used to reside. Not quite the same but fills the role nonetheless.
Comment by Edge,Soft
Posted on 2013-05-06 21:58:34
i also use toolbars. i have 90% of the commands i use directly in front of me, the remainder are a flyout away. i also do not loose working space to the mechanics of the software, or have to execute an extra click to bring the ribbon into view because i don't want to loose the space. the toolbar buttons are customized to automatically cancel the previous command and execute the selected command; the commands also automatically repeat. that means i make one click to execute any command and do not have to cancel to execute a new command, very efficient. i love the toolbars for the working space they provide while maximizing access to my tools. i also love how they can be customized for efficiency; yes i realize all commands can be customized, but toolbars offer both. see screenshot below. regards, arthur