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Use Tool Palettes to Save Time
Tip# 3156 By Ron Lohan On 08-Mar-2009
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Categories : Tool Palettes
Software type : AutoCAD 2009
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Insert scale or change to the proper layer or rotation automatically using the power of tool palettes.

This tip involves using AutoCAD's tool palettes to save time readjusting or using another prompt to insert the scale or change to the proper layer and proper rotation. I preset the properties for continual drag-n-drop into the floor plan, sections, or details to maintain the steady workflow. This can be applied whether the object has to be rotated, exploded, have a color changed, etc.

Once all the presets are completed, this will remain constant, until a different layer or color is used, which is very rare. This helps reduce the time it takes to change it to the proper layer, color, etc.

Now, I am ready to use tool palettes with speed, efficiency, and accuracy from drawing to drawing, all without having to change layers because it is already preset. With this technique, I have reduced my time by as much as 60%, all without retracing my steps -- a great tool!

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:  Tool palettes serve many purposes.  One major purpose is to organize your blocks, details, and repetitive tasks.  The other major purpose is to make drafting/design time more efficient.  This tip hits on the latter.  Set up a block in a tool palette.  Then edit the properties in the tool palette itself.  There you can set the scale, layer, color, etc.  These settings will be used every time you pick that block from that tool palette.  Great efficiency tip.




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