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Quick Click and Drag Commands
Tip# 3084 By Daniel Welch On 05-Jan-2009
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Software type : AutoCAD 2008
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This is a nice quick and easy way to copy or move objects in a hurry.

Daniel Welch sent in this tip that he has used in AutoCAD 2002 and 2008. "By selecting objects, holding the right mouse button down and dragging, you get some really great options when you release the button. The one I particularly like is the Paste as Block command. Normally we use a pretty exclusive library for blocks inserted on our drawings. But, occasionally, we need a one-time occurrence. The best scenario for our use is when we create a document change notice from a drawing that has settings, such as dim scales, that do not match the settings on our change notice. We can right-click, drag and paste as block, copy the block to clipboard, and paste in our document without affecting the appearance of the objects with dimensions, especially leader and dimension arrows. This makes it nice for enlarging a picture to fit the paper where scale is not a factor."

Several features are available to users when they Right-click. The RC and Drag feature mentioned above is a quick and easy way to perform three commands: copy, move, and paste as block. If the user invokes this quick tip by accident, then there is a Cancel option in the window that pops up. This is a nice quick and easy way to copy or move objects in a hurry.

Follow-up: Quick Click and Drag Commands
Mick Noble wrote with this comment about the Quick Click and Drag Commands tip: "You need to have Shortcut Menu in Drawing Area ticked for this to work. Type Options, click on the User Preferences tab, and under Window Standard Behavior, make sure Shortcut Menu in Drawing Area is ticked."

Sal Brusco wrote, "I use this tip to move, copy, and paste as block with the right mouse button (RMB) all the time. It is a huge time saver." He shares this helpful addendum with readers:

"In all three options, while selection of the destination is nonspecific, the base point you use to drag can be useful. When you select objects, all the grip points for the objects become visible, and if you hover over one, it will highlight and the crosshairs will snap to it. Pressing the right mouse button then will use the grip's point as the base point for the move, copy, or paste. You may wonder what the benefit of this is since the destination point is nonspecific. Well, there is no benefit for the move or the copy, but if you chose to paste as a block, the selected base point becomes the insertion point of the block, and this could be helpful. Of course, whatever point you chose for the dragging will be the insertion point of the block, so you may as well pick one that you want."


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