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Outer Limits
Tip# 3102 By Steve Knopf On 08-Jan-2009
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Setting limits will control the area of the file where the grid will be displayed when activated.

Steve Knopf writes: "Since about AutoCAD release 14, the drawing limits have been inconsequential, except that zoom;all takes you there, like restoring a named view. Type Limits, then type or pick the lower left and upper right as you would for a window. Also in paper space, zoom;all shows the entire sheet, so you can see how your title block sits on it."

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL: We agree. Several methods now can accomplish what formerly could only be done with limits. But limits can still be useful. Setting limits will control the area of the file where the grid will be displayed when activated. Users can turn on or off the Limit Checking setting. When on, this setting will allow the user to insert points only within the limits. Lines and objects may extend past the set limits, but it will only allow input inside the limits area. It can help to keep a file under control.

Follow-Up: Outer Limit
Cadalyst Tip Patrol member Mitchell Hirshklau shared his experience with limits in AutoCAD. "In the Olden Tyme CAD Dayes, we used the Limits command to set limits equal to the actual (paper space) border area of our master title blocks. Plotters then (and now too) will try to plot everything in a drawing's extents — even stuff outside of the border. Presetting the limits to the actual border area prevents this problem. It also allows users to move a chart or stack of notes (again, in paper space) outside of the border area without having to remember to select a display, or plot by window, or even remember the default view. Furthermore, if you pick your limits just a tiny bit outside your border's thick or heavy outer lines, you can guarantee that the line work (and the line work's thickness) will get plotted in its entirety."


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