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Metes and Bounds List
Tip# 3099 By Albert Bain On 08-Jan-2009
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Categories : Tips & Tools Weekly Archive Tips
Software type : AutoCAD
This tip provides the bearing and distance for each line and curve.

Albert Bain sent ROW.LSP, which he wrote to generate a right-of-way or property boundary description for a closed polygon. "The routine generates a metes/bounds list in the AutoCAD drawing and then creates a text file with the metes/bound written in narrative text format. The routine only works with closed polygons defined using lightweight polylines, but it could easily be altered to work with any polyline (closed or not). I know this type of routine is available in AutoCAD Land Desktop, but it would be useful to someone who does not have that program."

This routine is handy. It provides the bearing and distance for each line and curve. It even labels the curves! It places the bearings and distances in text, not in a table, but it is in a table-like format. It also generates a TXT file that provides a metes and bounds description of the boundary.


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