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E-Transmit File-Format Shortcut
Tip# 3075 By Leonid Nemirovsky On 24-Dec-2008
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E-transmit provides a method for transmitting AutoCAD files to outside users.

Leonid Nemirovsky offered this tip: "When e-transmitting a file created in AutoCAD 2007 or later (2008/2009) and you need to have it in an earlier version like 2004, or even 2000, there is no need to convert the file (and all supporting files like xrefs, blocks, etc.) before e-transmitting. Instead, initiate E-transmit and in the Create Transmittal dialog box, select Transmittal Setups. In the new dialog box select Modify and then again in the new dialog box select the appropriate file format."

E-transmit is arguably the best method for transmitting AutoCAD files to outside users. It makes certain they have every support file needed to use the DWG file. E-transmit will include all fonts, xrefs, plotter settings, linetypes, and any other file needed. It is often a good idea to know how your client, vendor, etc., will be using your DWG files so that you can deliver them in the proper format. It is a great thing to receive files that are ready to go when they are opened.

Follow-up: E-Transmit
Mick Noble sent this follow-up to the e-transmit file format shortcut in the November 17 edition. "E-transmit is by far the best method to for transmitting files; we also use it for archiving files at major milestones. The major benefit of e-transmit is that it creates a separate copy of the files required to recreate the drawing, leaving you free to continue amending the working files. You can also attached to an e-mail, bind, and purge (2009) all DWGs when modifying the transmittal. Also, when you initiate e-transmit, you can add other files, similar to publishing, and hence e-transmit as many plot sheets as you want in one hit. I have done more than 100 in one command. It took a couple of hours but a much quicker method."


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