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Don't Be Afraid of Change
Tip# 3098 By Steve Rodgers On 08-Jan-2009
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Categories : Tips & Tools Weekly Archive Tips
Software type : AutoCAD
The Change command is an efficient way to both extend and trim lines at the same time.

Steve Rodgers sent this tip about AutoCAD's Change command. "In the old days it was mostly used to change the properties of objects (among other things), but that has become obsolete with all the new toolbars and features. However, the Change command is still the most efficient way to both extend and trim lines at the same time (provided you still use plain old lines for anything). Click here to download Steve's full tip, CHANGE.DOC.

AutoCAD is great (and bad) because it provides us with dozens of tools to accomplish our goals. This tip provides us with another method of trimming/extending lines, and it can save a user several picks and clicks. The Change command is not trimming/extending; in reality it is changing the coordinates of the selected line's endpoint nearest to the selection point. The key here is to make sure Ortho is turned on. This will move the line's endpoints horizontally/vertically. With Ortho on, angled lines will be changed to horizontal/vertical lines. But with Ortho turned off, the Change command will put the endpoints selected all on the same point. So be careful.

Follow-Up: Don't Be Afraid of Change
Randy B. Culp wrote in response to the Change command: "When discussing the Change command, don't forget to throw in the Drag modifier. After selecting objects and pressing Enter, you are prompted with Specify change point or [Properties]. Simply key in the word Drag and press Enter; the function now drops back to changing individual elements one at a time. Attempting to drag the line to zero length will cause the anchor to jump to the opposite end, allowing a greater degree of flexibility. Watch your running osnaps. The Change command works for multiple circles as well; give that a spin."


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