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AutoCAD 2009 Tips
Tip# 3104 By Leonid Nemirovsky On 12-Jan-2009
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The new Action Recorder option is useful for people who depend on running scprit files.

Leonid Nemirovsky sent these tips for those who have jumped to AutoCAD 2009.

"The new Find Text toolbar is helpful because it does reduce the time for finding text in the drawing and replacing it if needed. The new toolbar prompts a slightly different dialog box with a "^" button (to open more options in the dialog box).

""The new Action Recorder option (found in Ribbon / Tools / Action Recorder) is very useful and has a lot of potential, especially for people who depend on running script files. I used it to xref a PE engineering stamp to a bunch of drawings. I initiated the Action Recorder, clicked on the Record button, then attached the stamp to current drawing like I usually do, from its proper location. Then I clicked on the Stop button in Action Recorder and followed the prompts to save it under some meaningful name. I then saved and closed the drawing, opened the next one and initiated Action Recorder again, clicked Play, followed the prompts, and the stamp was attached. You can add some intelligence to your recordings by including user input and inserting notes.

"To toggle on and off the ribbon bar when you need to save some space on your screen, use the CUI to create a new command and call it something like Ribbon Toggle. Add this code:


"Now you can add your new command wherever you like: toolbars, tool palettes, etc. Or, using CUI, drag your new command to Keyboard Shortcuts / Shortcut Keys Panel, and assign a keyboard key to it."

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL: Thank you, Len. The text editors in AutoCAD 2009 now resemble word processors like Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. The new Action Recorder, found in other applications as well, will be a big time saver.



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