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Copy Annotation Settings from One Drawing to Another
Tip# 4009 By Lynette Blum On 05-Nov-2012
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Categories : Templates
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Transfer annotation settings for the Facility Management AutoCAD add-on.

Lynette Blum, a CAFM (computer-aided facility management) specialist, shares a tip to easily transfer Facility Management (an add-on to AutoCAD) annotation settings from one AutoCAD file to another.

“Here is a tip that I hope helps someone else as much as it helped me in keeping drawings consistent!

  1. Open a drawing that has the ideal annotation settings. Go to FM:Systems > Drawing > Options, click the button in the bottom-right corner labeled Save as Template, choose OK, and exit the drawing.
  2. Open the drawing in which you wish to change the annotation settings. Go to FM:Systems > Drawing > Options, >Apply Template, click Yes, and choose OK twice.
  3. Go to FM:Systems > Annotation > Render.
  4. Apply this template to as many drawings as you like; there's no need to repeat Step 1."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: FM:Systems is a third-party extension for AutoCAD that assists in facility management documentation. FM:Systems is Autodesk’s Preferred Industry Partner for facility management. The software helps users get their AutoCAD data into a database that they can use. This tip will also work for almost any styles that can be set in AutoCAD. Set them up, create a template file, then import that template into any drawing file.


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