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Access a Drawing Template Quickly
Tip# 3957 By Mathew Kirkland On 14-Aug-2012
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Categories : File Creation, Templates
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : dwt.lsp
Open a predefined QNEW template, or any frequently used drawing.

This is a quick little AutoCAD routine from Mat Kirkland that has a specific purpose: to open your predefined QNEW template. If you find yourself making frequent edits to your template file, load this LISP file and type in DWT. Your default QNEW template will be open for editing. If you do not have a defined QNEW template, a message will tell you so. You'll also need to add your user name (returned by the system variable "loginname") to the LISP file. This code could be modified to open any frequently used drawing — use your imagination.


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