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Save Table Templates
Tip# 3127 By Leonid Nemirovsky On 18-Jan-2009
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Categories : Table Styles
Software type : AutoCAD
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Here is a practical tip for saving table styles in a template file.

Frequent tipster, Leonid Nemirovsky sent us this practical tip for saving table styles in a template file.
Normally Table styles are saved within a current drawing file.
To save table styles for reuse, do this:
In an empty drawing, create all needed table styles the way your job requires.
Save the drawing under a meaningful name. You can use table styles through
DESIGN CENTER, just find this drawing and drag the needed table style into your drawing.
Also you can create table styles in DWT and start an all new drawing
by using it. Finally, you can create one of each table -- just headings with a couple of
empty rows. WBLOCK THEM and insert into your working drawing.

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL:  Great idea, and a must.  If you don’t have a template file, you need one.  Store all of your standard styles, layers, etc., in it.  That way everyone starts with the same standard items every time.  Tested in AutoCAD 2009 but works in all releases using tables.


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