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Manage Visual Styles to Speed PC Performance
Tip# 3310 By Jasni Kamarudin On 13-Dec-2009
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Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Using model space and paper space improves the performance of PCs.

Jasni Kamarudin describes his process of displaying his 3D objects in different visual styles to improve the performance of his PC using model space and paper space.

"We are often impressed with our creations if, when we are working on a model, we display it in Realistic view. But that view may slow down your computer, depending on the file size (the more objects in your model, the slower your PC will be). You'll realize this when you are using 3D Orbit to orbit around the model.

"Thus, while modeling, I'd rather set my vscurrent to 2DWireframe/3DWireframe mode for better display performance. In order to display the file in 3DHidden/Realistic/Conceptual view, I'll set up a view in layout space rather than in model space. In layout space, I'll set my camera to a desired angle, then change Parallel mode to Perspective mode and enable the Realistic view in a viewport I've created."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Each visual style has its place and purpose. The Realistic visual setting is great, but it forces your computer to work harder. It can also be difficult to work in. The same goes for working in Concept mode. It is easier to work with objects in a 2D or 3D wireframe mode visually, and the computer can handle it better too. I like this idea of setting up paper space tabs that are already set to display Realistic views of your model. That way you can keep working in a more efficient environment, but you can also quickly see it in other visual styles.


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