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Create QR Codes
Tip# 3508 By Ian Vogel On 10-Oct-2010
Rated By 3 users Downloaded : 1525
Categories : Programming Examples, Standard Blocks, 2D Operations
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
Rename File To : Qrcodes/,Qrcodes/qrcode.gif,Qrcodes/qrcodes.lsp
Transform your input string into a pattern that can be read by mobile phones.

QRCodes is a unique LISP routine that creates a QR code from a user input string. QR codes are patterns of black modules on a white background — similar to barcodes — that can be read by scanners, mobile phones, cameras, etc. (see an example below). Ian Vogel uses these codes on AutoCAD title blocks to point to web sites, online maps, and other useful information. The uses of such a tool are endless. What is unique about this routine is that it sends the input string to a PHP script running on the Internet to generate the data needed to form the correct pattern. This is an excellent example of how to retrieve data from a web site using Visual LISP. To use this routine, load the LISP file, then enter the command QRCode at the Command line. You will be prompted for a string, and the routine will create a block that is inserted into the drawing at the location of your choice. Thanks, Ian.


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