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Draw 3D screw threads
Tip# ALSP602 By Tony Hotchkiss On 01-Jun-2002
Rated By 2 users Downloaded : 3208
Categories : Solids
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Helix.lsp
helix.lsp. Routine creates helical screw threads in AutoCAD.

HELIX.LSP creates wire frame helical screw threads for 3D drawings.

Benny (no last name supplied) e-mailed a request to draw 3D screw threads in AutoCAD. HELIX.LSP creates a helical screw thread in the form of a surface model. The user supplies the thread pitch or the number of threads per inch, the outside diameter, the thread length, and the center point of the base of the thread. The user may also specify the resolution as low, medium, or high. Figure 1 shows two views of a typical thread produced by HELIX.LSP.

Get and load the code
Download HELIX.LSP from the Cadalyst Web site and save the file in the AutoCAD support directory. From the AutoCAD Tools menu, choose Load Applications or enter Appload at the AutoCAD Command prompt. In the Load Applications dialog box, select the HELIX.LSP file from the support directory.



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Comment by Martinez,Brett
Posted on 2008-11-12 13:23:03
this download is corrupted i keep getting an error Command: appload Helix.lsp successfully loaded. Command: ; error: bad character read (octal): 3 Command: Command: HLX Unknown command "HLX". Press F1 for help. this is what i get when i attempt to use it. Am i doing something wrong?