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Model Views in Sheet Set Manager
Tip# 3497 By Ron Lohan On 04-Oct-2010
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Categories : Sheet Sets
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Use model views in Sheet Set Manager to create drawings.

Tipster Ron Lohan shares a way to use model views in AutoCAD's Sheet Set Manager to create drawings.

"I cherish the memory of x-referencing, which I have not used since Sheet Set Manager became available years ago! First, I complete my floor plan (or ceiling plan, or roof plan, or detail, or interior elevations for my projects), and complete and preset my detail box to 0,0. Then I use the View command to place a window at points of the detail box to a single alphanumeric name (e.g., 1 or A). Next, I re-save to acquire this function, and I am ready to drag and drop the item when and where I need it.

"Once in the Model View tab in Sheet Set Manager, I either open or refresh where the item(s) is located. My title block is already part of my template in paper space, and my layer control is already set to VP or VPort. I proceed to open the named item by opening the Expand key (+); then I drag and drop the item into paper space.

"At that point, AutoCAD will require you to right-click and select your scale. Locate your insert point, click, and voila! This process will save you time and requires six fewer inputs per item."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: This tip tells us how to xref a file into our drawing file and set up a viewport in paper space — all in one command! There is a lot going on here, but the process is really very simple. Create your linework, create a named view, add the file to the Sheet Set Manager (SSM), drag and drop the view, and you are ready to go.

The user has created the necessary linework, then created a named view in model space. Open the SSM; on the right side of the SSM there are tabs. Click on the Model View tab to activate it. At the top of the SSM, click the Add Location button and browse to the folder containing the source file. Click the plus sign (+) of the file that you just added. This will expand a list of the named views contained in the file. Click and drag that named view to the paper space tab of a new file. That named view will be inserted into your paper space tab, and the source file will automatically be referenced into the new file.


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