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Manage Title Block Information through Drawing Properties
Tip# 3992 By Danny Korem On 15-Oct-2012
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Categories : Sheet Sets
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
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Populate your title block information in AutoCAD.

Frequent tipster Danny Korem shares a trick for using attributes and drawing properties to populate your title block information in AutoCAD.

"First, create a page setup and insert the block called Title_Block. This will enable future use of the Import Page setup option in any drawing whatsoever. When creating the block, define the attributes so that their values match the corresponding field in the Drawing Properties dialog box.

"When defining the attribute, set the value with a field. Right-click, insert the field, and find the document properties. From then on you'll be able to edit the title block from within AutoCAD and from the operating system, if you have permission to edit the attributes, or the Drawing Properties dialog box (access through right-click+Properties)."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: This tip is a very interesting way to fill out your drawings' title block information. In fact, it's cool. This tip is also a reminder that if you aren't using sheet sets, you need to start doing so.

Every file has properties, which can be seen in Windows Explorer. Browse to a file, right-click, and view the properties. There are fields for drawing name, title, author, etc. You can even enter custom information. You can also access these properties in AutoCAD. Therefore, a field can also reference this data. This means that AutoCAD users can edit data, as can anyone who can access the file in AutoCAD. You could have a non-AutoCAD user update title block information for you.


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Comment by RenderMan,_
Posted on 2012-10-22 11:25:47
If one is going to use Sheet Set Manager, then why use Drawing Properties at all? Instead, consider simply implementing the appropriate Sheet level Custom Properties (there are Sheet Set level, and Sheet level Custom Properties) within one's Sheet Set Template, as then one has the added benefit of not having to open the actual Drawing to modify these Property Values... One need only open the Sheet Set (.DST), modify the Sheet's properties (i.e. Sheet Title, Page Number, Revision, etc.). Lemon Squeezy.
Comment by Greenleaf,Shea
Posted on 2012-10-24 20:57:21
Unfortunately, we have'nt made the jump to Sheet Sets yet. But have been using this method for a year or so and it works great. Created a title block template with fields for data that doesnt change over layouts and then it doesnt matter whether we enter the properties after creating a dozen layouts - all of the properties such as project number, client name, project location, ect. automatically update on every layout tab. Great time saver.