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Live Nesting in Microstation v8i
Tip# 3335 By Abraham Rodriguez On 03-Dec-2009
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Overcome problems in linking sheets with the Master Container file.

My company recently upgraded to Microstation V8i. One challenge that we had a difficult time with was related to live nesting, which we use when creating our sheets. Using Microstation v8 2004 edition, we would maintain a master file, or Master Container, and a sheet file. In our case, the sheet file has two files attached: the Master Container and the border. For this sheet set, if you wanted to turn off a level, detach or attach a reference file, or clip anything, you could do this within the Master Container instead of opening each sheet to make the changes.

When working within a sheet in the V8 2004 edition, if you turned levels off or on, it would break that link between the Master Container file and the sheet. In v8 2004, under the reference dialog, we could change the setting from Live Nesting to No Nesting and back to Live Nesting. When we upgraded to Microstation V8i, however, that fix would no longer work. After more research, we discovered how to fix this issue without having to go back into v8 2004.

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