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Omit a Sheet from Printing or Page Count
Tip# 4410 By David Gaskill On 12-Jan-2015
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Categories : Sheet Lists
Software type : Inventor
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Inventor users can remove a sheet they don't want to be counted or printed with a drawing set.

This tip is for Inventor users who have a multiple-sheet drawing they don’t want to be counted or printed with the drawing set. Here is how to remove any sheet from printing and from the sheet count total.

Add a sheet to an IDW or DWG file in Inventor by right-clicking below Sheet1:1 and selecting New Sheet.

Right-click on the newly created sheet and select Edit Sheet.

In the Edit Sheet dialog box, check Exclude from count and Exclude from printing. Click OK.

The selected sheet will not be printed or included in the total sheet count. This tip is handy for adding views or information I don’t want included in a print or detail.

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