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Find A Buried Part in Your Browser Bar
Tip# 4307 By David Gaskill On 19-May-2014
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Software type : Inventor
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If you ever have a part you cannot find in your browser bar, even though you know where it is on the screen, this tip will help you find it through your browser.

David Gaskill shares another useful Inventor tip.

Have you ever had a part you could not find in your browser bar, even though you know where it is on the screen? Here’s a tip to aid in finding parts, especially those that may be buried with an array or in a subassembly.

Make sure Select Part Priority is selected in Component priority (at the top of the screen).


Pick the part that you want to find in the browser, right-click, and select Find in Browser.


Look in your browser and you will see that part is highlighted. The browser will expand if collapsed.


This is a two-way street, so it also works if you don’t know where the part on the screen. You can pick the part in the browser, and the part will be highlighted on the screen. If you cannot see it, right-click and select Isolate. The screen will turn off every other part and only show the part you are looking for.


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