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Autocomplete Commands
Tip# 3831 By Hayden Clarke On 27-Feb-2012
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Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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A new feature in AutoCAD can help you find commands more quickly.

Hayden Clarke, an engineering technician, tells us about Autocomplete Command Entry, a feature that came with AutoCAD 2012.

"Autocomplete Command Entry is a helpful new feature added to AutoCAD that assists with searching or autocompleting commands as you type on the Command line. If you cannot remember a system variable or command, you can now use wildcards (* or ?) in your search. For example, try typing *edit into the Command line and see what it finds. It's excellent for rediscovering long-forgotten commands."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: In older versions of AutoCAD you can start typing, then press the Tab key to cycle through commands that start with the letters you have typed. That was useful, but the Autocomplete feature is even more useful. AutoCAD will populate your dynamic input area (or Command line, if dynamic input is turned off) with a list of commands that start with what you have typed. It works well, and typically what you want is first on the list. If not, just go down the list until you find your command, or type in a bit more to better define your selection options. And don't forget about wildcards — if you are not sure what the command begins with, start with an asterisk.


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