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AutoCAD Icon Switches
Tip# 3061 By Leonid Nemirovsky On 14-Dec-2008
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Software type : AutoCAD
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This switch specifies which workspace is to be restored at startup.

Leonid Nemirovsky writes "Starting with AutoCAD 2007, there was another switch added to the AutoCAD icon:

/w "myworkspacename" (replace "myworkspacename" with your own)

This switch specifies which workspace is to be restored at startup. The workspace MUST be in one of the loaded CUI files, main, enterprise or partial. So the icon property The target box may look something like this:

"c:Program FilesAutoCAD 2009Acad.exe" /w "myworkspace

"You can find more AutoCAD icon switches on Lee Ambrosius’ HyperPics web site:"


As always, Lee Ambrosius continues to be a great user resource. This tip, of course, would be of the greatest utility in a multiple-users-on-one-workstation environment.  A single user probably won’t have a real need for this (unless, they have seriously different workspaces for different disciplines and prefer to “switch” from (let’s say) architectural to electrical via a desktop AutoCAD icon rather than within AutoCAD via the Workspace toolbar or command. It's always a good idea to review the usefulness of switches, especially if most of the drawings being used are notably similar.  The default workspace can also be set by typing Workspace and selecting SetCurrent.


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