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Update Styles to Match Standards
Tip# 3977 By John Neighbors On 14-Sep-2012
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Categories : Script Files, Ribbon/Dashboard
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : update_styles.txt
Update linetypes, layers, and dimension styles to an office standard.

This tip is unusual — it's not a standard LISP routine that you load and execute. John Neighbors gives us some examples of how to update all AutoCAD linetypes, layers, and dimension styles to meet an office standard. John has described how he uses an external drawing and how to use menu macros and script files to automate this process. The attached TXT file will contain the menu macro and the sample script file contents, as well as more comments from the author himself. The menu macro code can be used in your menu (CUI/CUIX file) in a toolbar button, ribbon button, etc., and the script code can be saved into an SCR file and loaded with the Script command.


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