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Save an Extra Copy of Your Drawing
Tip# 4308 By Theresa Lowe On 17-May-2014
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Categories : Saving Files
Software type : AutoCAD 2015
Rename File To : BAKsave.lsp
Create a separate copy of your DWG file that won't be overwritten.

Theresa Lowe has created a "safety net" routine that will create an extra, separate copy of your drawing each time you save. Normally when you save a drawing in AutoCAD, the DWG file is updated and the previous saved file becomes the BAK file (assuming you have BAK file creation enabled). In contrast, this routine creates a totally separate copy of the DWG file, uniquely named, that will never go away until you delete it.

Start by loading the LISP file. When you enter the command Bak, the current drawing is saved as normal and another copy of it is written to a predefined location, including the directory structure of the current drawing. The only real downside to this routine is that you could forget about the backups after a while and end up with thousands of drawings filling up your drive, so you'll want to take the time to manage this periodically. Lastly, depending on how you save drawings now, you might want to edit your menus or shortcuts so that this code is called instead of just the built-in QSave command.


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Comment by Lowe,T
Posted on 2014-05-19 13:34:56
I authored this tip - and I don't use this on a regular or passive (in the background) basis, only when I'm about to perform some really tricky redesign work and want to create "incremental archives" of a file while working so I can have a repository of "good versions" of a drawing in case I screw something up and need to check something or replace something in the drawing. Once my drawing task is done and successful, I erase the "safety net" copies of the DWG file. I WOULDN'T recommend redefining your QSAVE command to use this BAK routine instead, because you WILL wind up with thousands up back-up copies that will clog your hard drive. Might make a good prank tho' :-)