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Tip# 3382 By Perry Medina On 29-Mar-2010
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Categories : Saving Files
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Browse to drawings that are buried deep in folders.

Senior Engineering Designer Perry Medina has some suggestions for browsing to drawings that are buried deep in folders on a company network.

"Here's the copy-and-paste method: Once you've opened the folder where your drawing is, click on the address bar and copy the folder address. When you go to open it in AutoCAD, you can paste the copied address into the File Name box, press Enter (or click the Open button), and it will take you directly to that folder, where you can select the file you want! If someone sends you a file or folder location in an e-mail that is not hyperlinked, copy it from the e-mail and paste it in.

"You can also create a set of shortcuts that will take you directly to your destination folder. Place these shortcuts in one location (such as an "AutoCAD Shortcut" folder) where you can easily find it. If your company provides you with a network folder where you can place these shortcuts, you can access them from any computer connected to your network. You can also share these shortcuts with others."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: You can copy and paste almost anything, including folder paths, for almost any reason. You can also copy and paste xref folder paths into the xref manager in AutoCAD. You can use the same method to browse to a file in AutoCAD when using the Open command, or the Insert command. In fact, use it any time you are in AutoCAD and need to find a file.


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