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Manage Your BAK Files
Tip# 3734 By Danny Korem On 19-Sep-2011
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Categories : Saving Files
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Clear the clutter out of your project file by storing backups elsewhere.

Tipster Nicholas Thompson adds to Danny Korem’s tip "Files So Nice They Saved Them Twice" (Tip No. 3699)

"I agree with Danny Korem: BAK files are a great way to keep one older version of the file you are working on, but they can also clutter up your folders. We recently added a new process which zips up everything in a project folder in AutoCAD Electrical, and as the engineers were creating BAK files we were getting these into the zip folder, essentially doubling its size.

"We use the express tool Movebak and allocated a folder where the electrical engineers now save their BAK files to, so they are stored away from the project, but easily accessible if needed. We run a batch file on the server to delete older files once they have served their useful life."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol:
Tip No. 3699 is a good one, and so is this tip. AutoCAD generates a BAK file as a form of insurance whenever a DWG file is saved. It copies the DWG file and renames it as a BAK file, then saves the current file and replaces the DWG file. Since BAK files can clutter up your working folder, you can move them into a specified folder with the express tool Movebak.


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