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Macro: Zoom, Audit, Purge, and Save
Tip# 3701 By Ren Smith On 13-Aug-2011
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Categories : Saving Files
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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This macro performs four functions with just one click.

Ren Smith, a CNC programmer and CAD detailer, sends us a custom-made macro for AutoCAD and its verticals.

"This macro is a tool button command to zoom extents, audit, purge, and save a drawing. Open the CUI (command user interface) and create a new tool. Give it a name and description, and in the Macro field enter the following string:

^C^C_ze audit y _purge a * n _qsave

Macros are an easy way to combine commands to make your work easier!"

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Save time and effort. Keep your files clean and neat. Remove errors. Save your work. All this in one click! Macros like this are a great way to execute several commands at once, and you can put virtually any command in a macro.

Some commands in AutoCAD are really just macros. For example, the Circle command has many options available to it. By default, you pick the center point, then the radius, but if you look at the Command line after you start the command, you'll see how many choices you have. There are several ways to draw a circle. If you pick, for example, the two-points method on the ribbon or on a toolbar, that command is actually a macro.


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User comments
Comment by Peffer,Barry
Posted on 2011-08-16 15:30:52
In ACAD 2011, I had to add a space in the zoom command "z e" to make it work.
Comment by Shultz,David
Posted on 2011-09-19 13:52:47
can someone help me with making it work in 2007? I stops at purge and when i close purge it goes into the arc command