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Export Drawings to PDF/DWF
Tip# 3622 By Danny Korem On 18-Apr-2011
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Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Create DWF and PDF files from AutoCAD drawings.

Tipster Danny Korem shares an easy method for creating DWF and PDF files of AutoCAD drawings.

"When the job is ready for deployment, go to the Export to DWF/PDF panel in the Output ribbon. Select the file format (DWF, DWFx, or PDF). You might select Single Layout (the current one) or All Layouts. If object data is attached, you can opt for attaching it to the DWFx file as well. That means that the person you are deploying to will be able to inspect the data with Autodesk Design Review (which is freeware). Note: In order to automate this process, page setups should be pre-attached to all layouts — you can reach it if you are the template-based type."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: Many times a submittal to a vendor, client, or government agency will require a digital copy of your design documents and drawings. Historically, PDF files have been used for this. Although PDF files work great for documents, they aren't the best format for drawings. DWF and DWFx files work better for drawings than PDF files do. They can be viewed, printed, and marked up with Autodesk's free Design Review software. It comes with your installation of AutoCAD and is also available for free download from Autodesk's web site. To make a DWF or DWFx file, use the Export command as stated in this tip. You can also create a page setup that "prints" to DWF or DWFx files.


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