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LISP Routine to Toggle Menu Bar, Ribbon, and Wipeout Frames
Tip# 4100 By Benzigar Peter On 08-Apr-2013
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Categories : Ribbon/Dashboard
Software type : AutoCAD 2013
Rename File To : mb.lsp
This LISP routine toggles several user interface settings on and off.

Tipster Benzigar Peter uses an AutoCAD LISP routine that toggles several user interface settings on and off.

"A great and useful routine from Leonid Nemirovsky prompted me to add more teeth to it. There are still a few people around who do not like the ribbon and would like it to be off. Instead of the set variable, I just use a Command prompt to toggle the same. The wipeout frame can be turned on and off this way as well. Also, it would be great to add these as miscellaneous toolbars."

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer Brian Benton: This routine is a simple enough macro to use. It can change three items for you. Once you load the routine, type MB to toggle the menu bar on or off. It reads the current setting and makes it the opposite: If it is off, this turns it on. If it is on, this turns it off. Type RB to toggle the ribbon on or off. Type WP to turn wipeout frames on or off. This option works differently. You have to type either 0 or 1 to turn wipeout frames off or on respectively. It reduces the steps needed to turn off wipeout frames.

If these settings are something you change frequently, then making a toolbar command might be a good idea for you. You can easily add them to the quick-access toolbar.


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