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Find the Command You Need Quickly
Tip# 4381 By Levi Connolly On 20-Oct-2014
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Categories : Ribbon/Dashboard
Software type : AutoCAD 2015
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Here's how to get AutoCAD to find the command you need.

If you’ve ever been unable to locate a certain command on the ribbon that you just know is there somewhere, this tip is for you.

To get AutoCAD to find the command for you, simply left-click once on the icon in the top left of the AutoCAD interface and type the command you are searching for in the search command field at the top. Your search results will let you select the command and read the location of the command on the ribbon.

Please note that if you left-click twice, the program will prompt to close.

Notes from Cadalyst tip reviewer R.K. McSwain: This tip was mentioned as a portion of tip #3822, but it's worth repeating as a solo tip. I think many users will be amazed at the real-time search in this tool.


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Comment by Weichel,Steve
Posted on 2014-10-21 08:04:32
I use the command line in the same manner. I simply type in close to what I think the command is and it pulls up a similar list. Usually I just can't remember the exact command name, so it is fairly easy to find in the list of commands that pops up.