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Customize Ribbon Panels to Increase Efficiency
Tip# 3498 By Andrew Maser On 04-Oct-2010
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Categories : Ribbon/Dashboard
Software type : AutoCAD 2011
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Create your own panel of frequently used commands to add to the ribbon.

Andrew Maser sends us a tip on customizing the AutoCAD ribbon to improve access to frequently used commands and tools.

"I find it useful to get to certain commands that are needed frequently (from within other things), such as snaps, and other useful apps, regardless of which ribbon is currently shown. I created my own ribbon panel and have placed it in most other ribbon tabs. I have placed my panel inside the Home 2D tab, Block References tab, Annotate tab, etc. That way, even if I'm editing a block, text, or whatever, I can still quickly snap to objects, zoom, or perform any other frequent commands I like. Keep in mind that custom panels can also be placed into ribbon tabs inside the Partial CUI Files section, for more common placement."
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: One of the greatest features of AutoCAD is its ease of customization. This tip is a good example of how customizing the interface can help you perform more efficiently. There are many commands and features that you will need often, and creating a panel in the ribbon is relatively simple. Open the CUI by typing CUI on the Command line, expand the Ribbon folder, right-click on the Panel folder, and pick the New Panel option. Name it and add the commands you want it to have. Now add your panel to any ribbon tab you want it to show up in.


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