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Customize the Ribbon
Tip# 3248 By Marc Boyer On 02-Aug-2009
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Categories : Ribbon/Dashboard
Software type : AutoCAD 2010
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Add tabs, panels to existing tabs, or edit an existing tab.

CAD Manager Marc Boyer wanted his CAD users to take advantage of the Ribbon, but he wanted to reduce the learning curve as much as possible. So for 2010, as he rolled out the upgrade, he wanted people to start using the Ribbon. Here is his approach.

"What I did to ease the transition was create my own panels that mimicked what our users were used to seeing with toolbars. I left the out-of-the-box tabs intact but created two new tabs specific to our company. This concept has worked for most and they are now able to work with Ribbons without a loss of productivity that they would otherwise see by using the out-of-box tabs. The new panels for our company look like a bunch of toolbars built into one single panel."

NOTES FROM CADALYST TIP PATROL: The ability to customize AutoCAD is one reason it is an industry leader. The Ribbon can also be customized through the CUI. You can add tabs, add panels to existing tabs, or edit an existing tab. You can also set up multiple workspaces with different Ribbon configurations. You can create your own commands, macros, lisp routines, etc. to the Ribbon.


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