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Purge All — for Real, This Time
Tip# 3641 By Robert Zipprich On 15-May-2011
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Categories : Purge
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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Use modifiers to extend the Purge command.

Designer Robert L. Zipprich sent us a tip to ensure the Purge command actually purges your unwanted AutoCAD objects.

"There appear to be some things the Purge command doesn't delete unless you add a modifier. The Command line entry –Purge + A (for All) deletes:

  • blocks
  • dimstyles
  • layers
  • ltypes
  • materials
  • mlinestyles
  • multileaderstyles
  • plotstyles
  • shapes
  • textstyles
  • tablestyles
  • visualstyles.

Objects that cannot be deleted without specifying a modifier are:

  • regapps (use –Purge + R)
  • zero-length geometry (use –Purge + Z)
  • empty text objects (use –Purge + E)

In one drawing I found there were 84,383 registered applications deleted."

Notes from Cadalyst Tip Patrol: AutoCAD files can get cluttered with styles and other unused objects. This increases the size of the drawing's database and can slow down performance. That's where the Purge command comes in; it empties the file of unused content. It will get rid of unused layers, dimension styles, text styles, blocks, and more.

The tip here suggests entering the Purge command through the Command line. The dash (–) before the text Purge will start the command without a dialog box (you can do this with almost any command). Type –Purge on the Command line, then A to purge all the objects listed in the first bullet list above. But All won't purge everything. Why? I don't know. You have to enter R for registered applications, Z for zero-length objects, and E for empty text objects. If you run the Purge command with the dialog box, you can select a box to purge zero-length objects, but you'll still need to type in the modifiers to get the apps and empty text objects.


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Comment by Farley,Tom
Posted on 2011-05-18 09:12:02
Another method for removing those pesky items that don't like to purge is to use the WBLOCK command. I used to tell my co-workers that WBLOCK is "Super Purge". I don't use WBLOCK as much as I used to since I personally think that PURGE has been much more effective since 2007, but it is a powerful alternative. Just be careful that any items you want to keep are being used. WBLOCK will also strip out frozen layers, unused dim and text styles, etc.