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Directory Cleanup
Tip# 2023 By Andrzej Gumula On 01-Mar-2005
Rated By 1 users Downloaded : 893
Categories : Saving Files, Purge
Software type : AutoCAD
Rename File To : Tip2023: PurgeFiles.lsp
Program loads each drawing in a selected folder and performs a Purge All. Nice use of the Shell application.

Taking the clean-up operations to the directory level is Directory Clean Up (Tip #2023) by Andrzej Gumula. This function is really a great example of how objects in Windows and AutoCAD can be exploited by Visual LISP. There are demonstrations of using the SHELL application to display a dialog box for selecting a folder, loading drawings for manipulation while not loosing Visual LISP control and much more. To run this utility, load the LSP file, then type PurgeFiles at the AutoCAD command line. A dialog box appears. Select the folder that holds the drawings. The program then asks if you would like to include subfolders with the default answer as Yes. From there, the rest is automatic as the program loads each drawing in the folder selected and performs a purge all. Fantastic work Andrzej -- a tip from a master, indeed!

Harry concluded his CD with another MGP video telling me to let you all know that he really needs those tips. The boss is offering up the big bucks again: $1,000 for the best tip of the year. Send in the LISP, VBA or ARX source code for consideration.



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